Legal Information

Bello Giardino, LLC.'s Terms and Conditions

Reimbursable Expenses:
Charges for printing, photography, travel, consultations, reproductions and deliveries will be included in the overall price of the project.

Payment Terms:
Payment for all contractual services is due 30 days from the date of completion of work, unless otherwise agreed upon. There will be a 15 day grace period. After 45 days, a 10% finance charge will be assessed monthly until payment is received.

Charges for designs are complimentary if work is performed by Bello Giardino, LLC. If the Client does not choose to have work done by Bello Giardino, LLC, a $500 design fee will be assessed.

The Client shall be responsible for making additional payments for changes of the scope of services outlines in the original agreement for services. Invoices may include, and Client shall be obligated to pay, fees or reimbursable expenses that were verbally authorize in order to proceed promptly with the project.

Ownership of Documents:
All original sketches, tracings, drawings, plots, details and other documents and plans prepared pursuant to this agreement are and remain the property of the Designer/Landscaper as instrument of service. No instruments of service shall be used by the Client on other projects without written consent from, and appropriated compensation to, the Designer/Landscaper.

This agreement may be terminated by either party upon seven (7) days written notice should the other party fail to perform in accordance with its terms through no fault of the party initiating termination or without fault of either party. In the event of termination, Bello Giardino, LLC shall be compensated for all services prior to the termination.

Time Limitation:
The terms of this agreement shall be valid on if signed within ten (10) days of submittal. Bello Giardino, LLC reserves the right to renegotiated fees for any service not completed within twelve (12) months from the date of submittal.

Site Terms:
Bello Giardino, LLC does not guarantee any transplanted material. Bello Giardino, LLC is authorized to place a sign in the Client's yard during the project and leave it for 3 weeks after the project is completed.

Concealed Contingency:
An extra charge will be made for all concealed contingencies suck as rock uncovered in excavation, removal of pipe or electrical lines in pits, poor drainage situation or any other contingencies not apparent to estimating the materials and work specified. Bello Giardino, LLC is not responsible for damage to concealed underground pipes or lines.